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Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

Hello everyone, I am here to ask for some recommendations for good eBay Extension for Magento 2.X.

Recently, we have to help our clients to migrate from Magento ver 1 to ver 2, thus we are looking for the eBay Extension for Magento 2.X.

We actually adopted this but it seems not work well for our scenario.


During testing, we found out the products cannot be listed on eBay like we wished, with the Scenario below: 

1. Choosing eBay USA

2. List the product and wish to set  Japan Postal Code as Store PostalCode (unable to do so, only able to set USA Postal Code here)

4. To enable the international Shipping (unable to do so, only showing domestic shipping)


We hope to get the eBay Connector that enable us to list our products, with International Shipping options enabled, orders syncing and etc..

Thank you in advanced for your recommendations!





Re: Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X



You may want to look at Codisto Channel Cloud - a Magento2 extension that integrates Magento directly with eBay and keeps Magento as the source of truth. Codisto can also list your products having the International Shipping as an option. It can also help you sync your eBay orders to Magento. 

Re: Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

You can take a look at eBay Integration in Store Manager.

There's a possibility to select eBay USA marketplace and enable international shipping outside the selected site country (choosing shipping type, services, etc.). 

As for the Japan, it's not supported yet, however, you can offer them such improvement for implementation.

Re: Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

Hi @feliciajgr50b1
You may want to look at eBay connector for magento 2 , it offers complete product management on a centralized platform from where sellers can easily list products on eBay directly from their Magento 2 platform. This eBay Magento connector is a complete package for eBay sellers that synchronizes categories, attributes, products, orders, listings, pricing, and other product information.

hopefully you like it

Re: Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

Hi There,


Use eBay Connector for Magento 2 to Integrate Magento 2 store with eBay store and sync products, categories, and orders. Export the Magento 2 products to your eBay store. Provide eBay specifications, variations, refund policy, shipping, and payment details for the exported products.


  • Sync Shipping & Packaging Information
  • Map Categories For Import and Export
  • Bulk Product Import
  • Export Product to eBay
  • Listing Template for Export Products
  • Price Rule on Imported/Exported Products
  • Mapping Orders and Inventory Update
  • Compatible With MSI Feature

Hope this solution will be helpful for you, if not then you contact the support team for customization to make it fit for your purpose.




Re: Looking for eBay Extension for Magento 2.X

Hi @feliciajgr50b1 
As you have mentioned that you are looking for the Magento eBay connector. 
I would suggest you go with Webkul's eBay connector for Magento 2.

They are one of the best extension developers for Magento. 

You can connect with them by creating a ticket here