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Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

Installing a Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro extension to your site can make a world of difference in customers shopping journey. This kind of extensions allows customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to reload each time adding items to cart or removing items from the cart.

- Free installing support

- Lifetime update

- One-time payment



Re: Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

I highly recommend Ajax cart for Magento 2 is a very useful extension for Magento 2 store. With this extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible

Admin can configure to :

  • Enable/Disable Magento Ajax Cart module
  • Two options for ajax mode: Fly cart and Show Popup
  • Display or not display Upsell product on popup
  • Display or not display "Checkout" button, "View Shopping Cart" link, "Continue Shopping" button
  • Edit message visible on popup

Specially, Magento Ajax cart extension is designed to not overwrite any files of Magento template. So, you can use this Magento extension for a lot of different Magento themes.

Magento Ajax Add To Cart  supports Magento multi-stores

- It also supports Magento store with multi-languages

- It’s designed and coded with 100% open source code

- It’s very easy to install and configure

- It’s designed to have Magento Cart UI an absolutely friendly interface.

- Source code is validated with W3C standard

Re: Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading


correctly configured, AJAX can surely enhance your website UX.

Here is one more Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart extension that can help you:

  • adjust the pop-up design to your Magento theme and use 'flying effect' to catch more attention;
  • boost the pop-up usability: let visitors select simple product options, add related and cross-sell products, customizable buttons, etc.;
  • give your customers a chance to add products to Wishlists or compare them without page reloading;
  • display the Qty of definite product items added to cart;
  • show particular simple/configurable product images.
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Re: Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

Hello there,


Have a look at this Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart plugin. Customers can easily and quickly add their favourite products to a cart without loading or refreshing the page. 

Re: Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

You can use this Magento 2 Ajax Shopping cart extension too! 

It comes with the features like: 

  • Real-time updates to the shopping cart.
  • No need for page refreshes when adding or removing items from the cart.
  • Customizable cart icons and product thumbnails for improved visual appeal.
  • User-friendly checkout processes for a seamless shopping experience.

No compromise on the coding standards and one-time investment only. 

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Re: Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension - No Page Reloading

Hi @magezon_vietnam,


Check out this Magento 2 Ajax Extension.