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Magento 2 Checkout

Magento 2 Checkout

Can anyone suggest me the best provider for Magento 2 Checkout?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis,

Among thousands of M2 Checkout Extensions, I find that Landofcoder Magento 2 One Step Checkout is the best extension ever! Because it can:

  • 75% faster than default checkout
  • Google address suggestion
  • Neat & clean interface
  • Support various skins: material design and flat UI
  • Apply coupon instantly
  • Auto Ajax update shopping cart product quantity
  • Custom text, icon, and color on admin
  • Compatible with 3rd-party extension
  • Add desired delivery date
  • Auto-detect customer account
  • Easily Customize Address Fields
  • Optimized one step checkout page
  • Fully responsive design
  • 1-Click Changing Billing Section Position
  • Compatible with all custom Magento 2 template
  • Support the most popular shipping & payment method
  • Order & delivery comment
  • Multiple styles & layouts
  • User-friendly admin configuration

And there are many more amazing points that it can bring you.

More detail:

1 step checkout.jpg


Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Try the Smart One Step Checkout by Aheadworks. 


Fast and straightforward checkout process, detailed abandoned checkout and checkout behavior statistics, multiple configuration and automation make it definitely one of the best checkout solutions.


Product page -

Demo store -


Hope you will find the extension suitable for your business purposes.

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis, regarding your question, i don't think anyone can come up with a absolute answer - which mean there would be no such thing as "best" provider in my opinion. But to give you a better grasp of what we're talking about here, I will give you a brief review on some of the providers for this extension. I've only tried this extension from some of them, not all of them but I will try to be as neutral and precise as I can. And here are they: Mageplaza, Aheadwork and Amasty. 1. Well first let's talk about Mageplaza. Even though I'm not a big fan of them, I still have to admit that they have a great deal of experience in this field (despite the fact that they just only been on the market for couple of years - yep, I did some researchs). I bought two extensions form them, this One step checkout extension and Better Layered Navigation extension. They both work fantastically and well-integrated with others supplier's extension. One tiny aspect that I wish i could change is I don't really like their design, but it just my opinion, maybe you'll have a different idea. Anyway, let's get back to the main point. Here's some noteworthy features of their One step checkout

- Optimize the checkout page: this one is pretty straightforward. By default, checkout process will lead you through a couple of screens, may be 3 or 4 before you can finish it - which can sometime be annoying and time-consuming. This extension will get you out of this trouble.

- Google address suggestion: you clearly don't want to type your whole address into the form, right? Well this feature will make your life easier by suggesting some relevant addresses based on what you just typed in. It's like Google suggestion when you search for something.

- And besides that, this extension supports nearly every payment method and also flexible in customization.

You can visit their product site for more information here: Mageplaza Magento 2 One Step Checkout


The next provider is Amasty. Amasty is undoubtedly the most experienced supplier in this field. After 10 years working in this field, they have over 200 different extensions - a very formidable number. In regarding to their One Step Checkout, it has pretty much every feature that Mageplaza's has (simplified checkout process, intuitive interface, google suggestion,...) Except for this time, I kinda like their design, it simple yet elegant. Love this style of designing. One downside is that this extension is a bit over price. You have to pay 250$ for the extension itself and also extra expenses for support service (12 months is 130$) while Mageplaza provides it without taking from you a single buck. Not everyone (including me) can afford this much. That's the reason why I opt Mageplaza instead of Amasty.


The last one is Aheadwork. I'm not sure about the quality of the product since I haven't actually tried them out. One of my friend did. And he said it was OK... I think he means it was mediocre but with a 300$ extension, you have the right to expect more than that. Basically, they have all the fundamental features like these above suppliers but their price is obviously unreasonable.  


Well I think that's all I want to say. Hope you find it helpful.

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis


previously i have used this -


one step checkout extension from MageDelight !! - and it looks like its really Increase customer satisfaction and faster sale.


try it - it might help you for sure !!


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Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis,


It greatly depends on the functionality you seek from a checkout extension. For example, here is an extension that allows you to add extra fields of different types to the checkout.

With this extension, you can gather valuable marketing and client-base data, and use these data to draw conclusions for your business.
Feel free to try the demos and see if this module adds interesting functionality to your checkout!
Hope this helps,
Aitoc dev team

Aitoc is a group of distinguished web developers that have been building for Magento since 2009.
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Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis

It's an easy way for you to choose the best checkout extensions that help you to bring great shopping experience for your customers. Why don't you consider the Magento 2 One Step Checkout

I think it is helpful for both you and your customers because this extension includes incredible interface and flexible functions as well. All checkout steps appear in only One page and your shoppers can choose any fields they want to finish, it seems like playing with that page. Moreover, as I experienced, it is quite fast because only clicking to choose the options and come to payments. Very nice extension!

#magento2 #onestepcheckout #extension

Re: Magento 2 Checkout



i would suggest to consider our Fire checkout extension. Our one page checkout extension was one of the first extensions on the market and price is most attractive. It's  just 189$.

Firecheckout 2 columns layoutFirecheckout 2 columns layout

Please check just main features of our module:

  • 6 different intuitive checkout layouts
  • Fast checkout with Ajax updating
  • Flexible Guest checkout option
  • Google autocomplete module
  • VAT validation module
  • Custom address fields
  • Custom customers fields
  • Delivery date & time option
  • Order file attachment
  • Improved Terms & Conditions block
  • Custom checkout Success page
  • Custom checkout fields

Please check documentation for our server in order to understand how many features we added to our module/


And the most important is that we do offer free installation services and free third-party modules integration. So we will solve any conflict with third party modules for free.

Did you find it helpful? Please give "Kudos" or "Accept as Solution".
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Re: Magento 2 Checkout

This flexible Magento 2 RMA extension helps you manage product exchanges and returns in the most effective way. Make RMA seamless to the shopper and build strong relationships with customers and win their trust and loyalty.

  • Create RMA request via an intuitive submission form
  • Guest customers can submit RMA requests with ease
  • Flexible and step-by-step RMA processing
  • Quick messaging & Instant RMA Activity Notification
  • Smart RMA Report Chart with Filter
  • Unlimited and Customizable Reason, Condition, Resolution Setting
  • Handy Packing Slip, Shipping Label, and Confirm Shipping Buttons
  • Fast Access To All Submitted RMA Request From Single Place
  • Effortlessly Managing Quick Responses
  • Speeding up RMA Process with Workflow Rules
  • Dynamic and User-friendly Custom Fields

This product is the part of the loyalty program

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis,


Please check this extension "ONE-STEP CHECKOUT MAGENTO 2.0 EXTENSION"


The extension will reduce your checkout process from 6 step to 1 page and give a boost to your checkout process, which is improved by 40% faster with dynamic loading feature.


Hope you lie it.