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Magento 2 Checkout

Re: Magento 2 Checkout


Only $99 for Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension by Magetop helps reduce the abandonment rate as well as increase the conversion rate dramatically. Ignore the back and forth that are the redundant motions when standing on your site.

  • Optimized Checkout page
  • Address Suggestion
  • Supports nearly 100% Payment, Shipping methods
  • Compatible out-of-the-box with the 3rd-party modules
  • Allows/Supports Gift Wrap, Gift Message
  • Allows/supports leaving comments and setting delivery time
  • Easy to install and customize
  • And many more feature ...


Address Suggestion

Google Maps Suggestion Integration allows showing all relevant suggestions with full of address information based on the entered characters before.

Especially, an advanced feature coming only from MageTop is Find me. The functionality automatically locates the customer's current position when tapping it, then the address field is auto-fulfilled.

Optimized Checkout page

To simplify the checkout process, One Step Checkout module gathers all complicated default steps to display on one page only.

  • Friendly checkout interface
  • Show all steps in one page checkout
  • Remove all unnecessary fields
  • Include shipping & billing address box
  • Include shipping & payment methods box
  • Include order summary box
  • Include order comment, discount code, delivery time, gift wrap, gift message and many more feature ...

Payment methods

Nearly 100% payment methods are compatible with the checkout:

Backend General Config

One Step Checkout General Config support many helpful features, Simple for config and Easy to using.

  • One Step Checkout Page Title
  • One Step Checkout Description
  • Default Shipping Method
  • Default Payment Method
  • Allow Guest Checkout
  • Auto-redirect to One Step Checkout Page
  • Show Billing Address
  • Use Auto Suggestion Technology
  • Restrict the auto suggestion for a specific country
  • And many more options ...

Backend Display Config

With Display Config, You can manage many functions helpful for your store.

  • Show Login Link
  • Show/Hide Footer/Header
  • Show Discount Code Section
  • Show Order Comment
  • Enable Gift Messages on order
  • Enable Gift Messages on item
  • Show Terms and Conditions

Backend Design Config

With Design Config, You can simple change Checkout Page Layout, Design Style, Css Style, Custom Css & many more options ...

  • Checkout Page Layout
  • Design Style
  • Radio Button Style
  • CheckBox Button Style
  • Material Color
  • Place Order button color
  • Custom CSS

Many More Features Config

Powerful config with many Features very helpful & necessary for increase sales your Magento store.

  • Review Cart Section
  • Gift Wrap
  • Newsletter
  • Delivery Time
  • Survey
  • Seal block
  • Static CMS Block

Check it out : Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis,

I am explored this following link for magento2 one step check out extensions.It will be very useful for customers can be able to buy ship the product at a single page.even at the single page you can collect all the information before the customer buy the product at check out.


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Re: Magento 2 Checkout


If you want to enhance your Magento Checkout experience without headaches, Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension is a good way to go. The main features that can come in handy for you:


  • show full order summary,
  • activate registration on success page,
  • boost newsletter subscriptions,
  • enable product recommendations,
  • display custom or auto-generated coupon codes,
  • upgrade your order confirmation email,
  • allow shoppers share their shopping experience on social media apps,
  • change page design from admin panel, etc.

Hopefully, the info will be useful for you.


Plumrocket Team


Re: Magento 2 Checkout



Here are some of the highest rates extensions from the marketplace that may suit your requirements:

Hope it helps!

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Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Thanks, Man I Am Successfully Download  Extension For Compress Image For This Website

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

@mai07ulis wrote:

Can anyone suggest me the best provider for Magento 2 Checkout?

Thanks in advance.



You can check out this module -


By the use of this module, you'll get:

  • Single-button to complete/confirm the order.
  • Guest checkout available.
  • Adds the “Buy Now” button on the product page.
  • It makes the purchase process fast and easy for customers and many more.

Hope this answer helps you!


Thanks and Regards,



Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hello @mai07ulis 


For such, functionality you can check out this module -


By the use of this module, you'll get:

  • Single-button to complete/confirm the order.
  • Guest checkout available.
  • Adds the “Buy Now” button on the product page.
  • It makes the purchase process fast and easy for customers and many more.

Hope this answer helps you!


Re: Magento 2 Checkout



Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension from Elsner Store would be best, this extension will help out customers to complete transactions within a minute. this extension can save customers a lot of time and will also improve sales.  


Some great features of this extension:

  • Easy to use

  • Built-in delivery date feature with date picker
  • Auto-filling address with the help of Google photos

  • Additional popup 

  • Responsive checkout 


Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis ,


I highly recommend you to use Magento 2 One Step Checkout from Land of coder, their extensions have also good features. 
It helps you directly add the custom field to the checkout process on Magento.

Some features: 

  • Powerful Customer Attributes Management
  • Powerful Customer Attributes Management
  • Equipped Flat Design
  • Attractive, Neat, Clean Interface
  •  Effective Time-Saving & Cost Saving 
  • ...

Hope this will be helpful to you.

Re: Magento 2 Checkout

Hi @mai07ulis 


Among many Magento 2 Checkout extension providers outside here, I would like to recommend you Magenest - a full-scale digital solution provider with a special focus on eCommerce, ERP, CRM, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Marketing and more. Magenest has the Stripe payment extension which is a popular Magento 2 checkout extension that aims to help you improve the checkout process and increase conversion rates for your online stores.


Here are some of the key features and benefits of this extension:

- Streamlined checkout process: Stripe checkout extension simplifies the checkout process by reducing the number of steps required for customers to complete their purchase. This can help reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversions.

- Multiple payment options: This extension supports multiple payment options, and does not impact default payment methods like PayPal and Braintree, which helps improving customer convenience and increase sales.

- Customizable checkout fields: Magenest's checkout extension allows you to customize the checkout fields to collect the information that you need from customers, such as shipping address, billing address, and contact information.

- Support for guest checkout: The extension includes support for guest checkout, which allows customers to complete their purchase without creating an account. This can help improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

- Mobile-friendly design: Magenest's checkout extension is all designed to be mobile-friendly, which can help improve the checkout experience for customers who are shopping on their mobile devices.


As a Vietnamese company, we have a team of experts who speak your language and ready to help you with any question you have.

Hope this helps!

Lucy from Magenest | eCommerce Development Agency
Visit us: