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Marketplace with price comparison

Marketplace with price comparison

Hi all,

I am using magento 2. There are several sellers who are selling the same product with different prices. I am seeking multi vendor marketplace extension to create useful price comparison.

Could anyone give me some suggestions?

Many thanks!!!


Re: Marketplace with price comparison

Hello buddies, 

I have use Magento 2 Price Comparison Marketplace by LandOfCoder for a long time, and I found that this module is price-worthy.


From my own experience, this can meet almost of your requirements and help you push your marketplace’s reputation to the higher point by allowing multiple sellers to add and sell the same product, which is already present in the global catalog, with a different prices. It brings lots of powerful functions for you as Admin, Sellers and even their Customers.


Let's review some outstanding features of this extension:

  • Working with 5 different types of Magento products
  • Allowing having multiple vendor /seller for a single product
  • One-click Customization Setting
  • Convenient Seller Comparison
  • Easy Assigned Products Management
  • Optimized Assigned Product Searching
  • Full-controled Assign Product List



This is a plugin of Magento 2 Marketplace Extension. To use this module smoothly, you must install Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.


Hope it useful for you!

Re: Marketplace with price comparison

Hey there @Levananh_2110,

One great suggestion for you would be Magento 2 Price Comparison Extension developed by Landofcoder. I myself and many other customers have been using it for a while and I think it's safe to say that we're all very satisfied with its quality as well as the tech support. You can visit this page to know more:

I can list some of the best functions here: 
1. Working with different types of products 
2. Incredible shopping cart operation 

3. One-click Customization Price Setting 

Useful Price Comparison Menu 
5. Functional Product Page 
6. Optimized Assigned Product Searching 
7. Full-controlled Assign Product List 
8. Informative Product Showing 
9. Multiple Images Adding 
10. Having a powerful Management System

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps 

Re: Marketplace with price comparison

I would recommend you to Magento 2 Marketplace Extension by Magetop.

Magento 2 Marketplace extension will turn any Magento 2 store into a thriving online marketplace similar to Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, Aliexpress. Your sellers will have full control using a well-organised Seller Cpanel to manage their own products, sales, invoices, shipments and credit memos. Each of your sellers receives a customizable storefront within your Magento 2 Marketplace. As the marketplace owner, you earn a set fee for each order received by sellers. Customers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers every time an order is placed, allowing for a very safe shopping experience and reputable marketplace.

Especially, our Marketplace extension supports for all of the default payment methods of Magento and more (Stripe, Reddot, PayPal adaptive,...). The vendor also can create by their own the tax rules, promotion discount codes or the shipping fees for their product right on the Vendor Cpanel.


Re: Marketplace with price comparison





As your query states--

--I am using Magento 2. There are several sellers who are selling the same product at different prices. I am seeking multi-vendor marketplace extension to create useful price comparison. Could anyone give me some suggestions?


I would like to recommend the following extension- Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Price comparison

This extension is the best choice as per the requirements mentioned in your query. 

  • It facilitates price comparison amongst the sellers of the Magento store for a single product. 
  • Sellers can add the same product with different prices and stock units.
  • In Multi-Vendor Marketplace "Multiple supplier selling same product" is a must-have feature. Using this extension that can be achieved and Multiple vendors can add and sell the same product.

Thanks and Regards!

Re: Marketplace with price comparison



In the e-commerce world nowadays, there are thousands of Marketplace Extension for your choice but I want to suggest you the one that I currently use and I think it's the best - Magento 2 Marketplace by Landofcoder.

It can turn your site become a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon or Esty,... because it has many excellent features that others don't have:

  • Amazing User Experience with Seller Cpanel
  • Super Fast Responsive & Mobile Optimized marketplace
  • Create Unlimited Sellers With Smart Store Front
  • Showcase Beautiful Seller Profile
  • Compatible with Any Magento 2 Themes
  • Build Auto Marketplace: Vendors Manage Almost All Of Things


Hope this is helpful!