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Re: Marketplace

Hi there,

I did some research about it to be able to give you the best possible answer to your question.

I searched through many websites on internet before reaching Landofcoder’s website where i got to read about one such Magento extension.

The name of that extension is Magento 2 Marketplace Extension Pro . With the module, we can, in specific, optimize & take full control over the products, sales, invoices, shipment, and credit memo via using a Seller Cpanel, etc.

Some feature:

  • REST API Support
  • Customer can subscribe notification 
  • Notify customers by-product 
  • Notify By Email Automatically

Hope it helps you!


Re: Marketplace

Hi @Pigpig ,
The first and most important thing I think is your budget.
It is true that many parties are providing Marketplace extensions nowadays. I think you should choose long-standing and well-known suppliers in the industry, such as Landofcoder.
However, nowadays, optimizing the user experience on PWA is also extremely important. So if you are just starting out. I think you should choose to build Marketplace with PWA Studio. You can check out the demo here