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Re: Marketplace

Hi there,

I did some research about it to be able to give you the best possible answer to your question.

I searched through many websites on internet before reaching Landofcoder’s website where i got to read about one such Magento extension.

The name of that extension is Magento 2 Marketplace Extension Pro . With the module, we can, in specific, optimize & take full control over the products, sales, invoices, shipment, and credit memo via using a Seller Cpanel, etc.

Some feature:

  • REST API Support
  • Customer can subscribe notification 
  • Notify customers by-product 
  • Notify By Email Automatically

Hope it helps you!


Re: Marketplace

Hi @Pigpig ,
The first and most important thing I think is your budget.
It is true that many parties are providing Marketplace extensions nowadays. I think you should choose long-standing and well-known suppliers in the industry, such as Landofcoder.
However, nowadays, optimizing the user experience on PWA is also extremely important. So if you are just starting out. I think you should choose to build Marketplace with PWA Studio. You can check out the demo here

Re: Marketplace

Hello @Pigpig 


We think it should be a good choice to use MAGENTO 2 MARKETPLACE EXTENSION 

from Landofcoder, which helps to convert your eCommerce store into a completely active multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, Etsy or eBay, etc with multiple vendors and customers conducting transactions.


Take your Magento 2 store to the next level by letting unlimited suppliers/vendors upload, sell and manage their products. At the same time, boost the shopping experience of your customers by giving them more choices to buy from numerous products of different categories. Also, customers are allowed to give reviews & ratings for any seller, vendor's products & service. Rest API is supported.


Hope it supports you!


Best Regards,

Bavaan Team