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Mega Menu For Magento EE

Mega Menu For Magento EE

I'm really interested mega menu extension for magento 2 EE. Also, I am looking for this drag n drop like Landofcoder menu but it was not cheap for me

Is there any other way to get this functionality that I may have overlooked?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hi @helen_white


okay - i understand your concern , but looking at the all comparative Mega Menu extension all are in range of what Landofcoder does have in-terms of pricing.


so you can go with that for the same.


Also i am sharing below two links for this kind of extensions :


Hope it helps 

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Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hello @helen_white


There is one free one and one of my client using into EE


Hope it will help you.

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Sunil Patel
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Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

You can check NavigationPro from SwissupLabs. That's the best you can get for such price - $79 for month of subscription to download all70+ modules.

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Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

You can refer Mega Menu module from Magesolution because the price is reasonable and the support policies are excellent !

Only $ 39 for M1:

$ 59 for M2:

Magento Mega Menu is developed and optimized to allow both user and admin who don't need to be developers themselves to manage effortlessly all information which they want to show on main navigation of a Magento website such as: categories, products, text contents, images, video, forms...


  • Allow to add unlimited menu 
  • Automatically generate the code to add menu to everywhere you want 
    Allow to add different menu for different store
    Allow to create menu for category, cms page or any URL
    Support multiple columns
    Easy to add category links to menu
    Allow to add icon/custom HTML to menu
    Support custom class to help you easily customize style for menu
    Allow to use editor to edit content easier
    Allow to insert whatever widgets (similar to widget insertion of a CMS page)
    Allow to embed video, frame to menu content
    Support for mobile menu

Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hi @helen_white


Looking for a Mega Menu Extension for Enterprise Edition?


This extension will convert your website into a well-managed website with layered navigation. Its features include:


> Mobile-Friendly Design

> Creates Horizontal Menu Bar

> Custom Category Label

> Manage the Navigation Of The Menu


Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hi @Helen-white 

 We are Magezon from Vietnam!

We deeply understand your concern, and we do offer the mega menu with the full function that makes your menu more attractive and easy to use. Above all, the price is extremely affordable! 

Of course, drag n drop is the top feature

 Follow this link for more information:

Hope it helps! 
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Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hey there,


Only 16% of your store's visitors are actually making purchases at any given time, while the remaining 68% are simply browsing.


They're likely to leave the store if they can't find what they're looking for immediately.


Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension by Solwin can help in creating a seamless navigation system for your website.


Create a dynamic menu bar with the categories, subcategories, goods, brands, CMS pages, static blocks, and URL links that you require.


In this manner, your store's navigation will be more intuitive, and your sales will increase.


Thank you!


Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

Hi mate


From my deep thought, if you have been investing to Magento Enterprise edition, then you should consider to integrate the advanced modules to avoid the headache issues. 


It could be a bit costly at first, but you can see how it works smoothy in the long term.


Believe that Magento 2 mega menu extension is worth your money.


Thank you

Re: Mega Menu For Magento EE

@jasminephn79bb I totally agree with you.

I am using this Magento 2 Mega Menu extension of Landofcoder and I am satisfied with it, a lot of utilities, plugins everything is perfect and works well on my site

Hope this is helpful!