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Newsletter Extension

Newsletter Extension

We want to give signup discount to the new customers, we want to capture their email and show the code on website itself after a customer entered their email. Is there any relevant extension to that?


Re: Newsletter Extension

Hi Tarundeep,


I was looking at lots of extensions that would provide shoppers with a coupon for subscribing to a newsletter. Most seem to e-mail the shopper, and not specifically display the coupon on-site. However, here's an example of an extension that seems to do both:


Here's a screenshot that they have in the Magento Marketplace:



I have never used this extension, but feel free to take a look and see if it matches with your requirements.


Best of luck!

Re: Newsletter Extension


Thank you for sharing. I think this is going to help us.

Re: Newsletter Extension

My pleasure!

Re: Newsletter Extension

Hi @tarundeep_singh , 
If you do not search for complicated expensive solutions this small but very useful module, I highly recommend Magento 2 Pop up Extension by Lanofcoder.

I bought this extension when a friend recommended for me. Simple installation, straightforward settings, low price and excellent support, that i talk about it!

You can try it!

Re: Newsletter Extension




Popups are some of the best ways to grab visitors attention. You can encourage the visitors to sign up for an email newsletter by showing a discount popup on your landing page. Magento 2 Popup Extension by Meetanshi does it perfectly. Using the extension, you can easily design attractive popups for your Magento store and show discount offers to the visitors to grab their extension and encourage them for email newsletter signup.


You can explore the extension at:

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Re: Newsletter Extension



You can make use of the Magento 2 Popup extension by BSS Commerce. It helps create a popup form for your visitors to register/subscribe or offer any promotion code according to your strategy. Also, this extension comes with multiple templates, animation effects and 6 different page positions.

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James Hoang