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Notification tabs on products view

Notification tabs on products view


Hey there  looking for an extension that it would create custom blocks with some sort of notice


Let say I sell products and provide an installation services as well, and would like to have a tab or just a small banner with notice that I do provide this kinda service.


Or that delivery date can take up to 1-3 weeks from order placed.


Im not looking for those extensions with pimped out delivery time estimates. i need something simple tab/small banner like only 


I have seen these on other platforms but maybe there is something similar for magento2 as well.

some examples to get an idea what I'm looking for




Re: Notification tabs on products view

Hi @mantas_bernatav ,


You can check below extension if this suits to your requirement.


And if you want to make it more simple, you can add custom tab on product view using below link:



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Re: Notification tabs on products view

hey, thanks for the answer but that's not what I'm looking for, once the images be approved you'll know what I mean.

Re: Notification tabs on products view

Hello @mantas_bernatav 


For your request, you can use the "Magento 2  Product Tabs" extension. Store admin can Make the purchase for the customers with additional information in the click tabs easily using this extension.