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Procurement/net price for products

Procurement/net price for products


I work for a norwegian sport optics retailer. Most of our profits now come from our Magento-based online store. We're in the process of making the Magento backend our primary tool for stock management, pricing and order processing (i.e. billing). 

Currently we have the option to give individual products both normal retail price and discounts, but we lack the option to set procurement price - a feature that I feel is a pretty basic tool for any retailer. Are there any extensions available that could help us with this? =)

Thanks in advance.

Joakim @ KikkertSpesialisten AS


Re: Procurement/net price for products

I think the real question is what do you need to be done with this price. You can add a new product attribute of type price where you can store the data but it won't be incorporated into any of Magento's built in reporting. 


You could look into importing the data and then using the Magento Business Intelligence platform at the essentials level to do some analysis

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