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Purchase as Gift extension

Purchase as Gift extension

Does anyone know of a working extension that will allow a customer to purchase an item as a gift for someone else. We are dealing with digital products so we only have to email the person a link & code to get their gift. 


I only saw one that seems to do this but only a few old comments that were not very favorable. 


Thanks in advance. 


Re: Purchase as Gift extension

I see there are lot of products for physical products but there isnt any for digital products. You will have to get it developed by a recognized extension development company. Here is the one I can suggest with the lowest per hour rate.

Re: Purchase as Gift extension


Try our Gift Card/Certificate, please. It has really valuable and versatile functionality and is not related to any kinds of Magento products since it is an individual product type.

Magento 1:

Magento 2:

Re: Purchase as Gift extension

Hi @Shanenest

You can also have a look at this extension

A gift card is a separate product that can be bought and sent via email


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Re: Purchase as Gift extension



Thanks for the question.


You may check out this Magento gifting solution:


With the extension you will let your store shoppers buy any item either as a physical or/and asa virtual gift certificate. Also, you will be able to:

  • create gift certificates with fixed and variable values
  • let shoppers choose the amount they want to use from a specific gift card
  • set an expiration timespan (in days) for any gift certificate
  • and even manage your gift card codes with API

You may check the demo version of the extension >>here<<

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Re: Purchase as Gift extension

I think Gift Card extension based on Magento platform is suitable for your wonder. It brings 300 nice gift card templates, which is rewarded FREELY for customers. Especially, gift card is smart payment method for shopping online. 

You can find it by many Magento vendor at e-commerce market. 

Hope you will be happy with my suggestion!!!

Re: Purchase as Gift extension

Following extension is developed for gift wrapping but it needs a bit of customisation for the functionality you are lookin for, please contact in case you require....

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Re: Purchase as Gift extension

Gift Wrap extension offers customers to add beautiful gift wrap option to products along with gift message. When a customer adds product in shopping cart, it allows the customer to select or skip gift Wrap option.

Re: Purchase as Gift extension

Hello @Shanenest,


I found something Magento gift card extension which supports for users to send the gift card items to their friends and family on any occasions or festivals. 

I hope my answer is helpful, if so then give kudos and accept as solution


Best regards

Re: Purchase as Gift extension

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension will be a great choice. Customers can create unlimited gift cards with different pricing, image, quantity, etc. Besides, gift cards can be personalized by users and more perfectly with eye-catching design and drag & drop feature. When a specially designed gift card is purchased, a unique code and a custom greeting message will be sent to the recipient.