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Recurring Subscriptions...

Recurring Subscriptions...

Can anyone recommend a subscription / recurring payment extension for Magento that can handle bundled / grouped products?


Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

Hello @orhanck


Don't have much idea but found this one which may help you,

Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

Hi There,


Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2 using this extension, the admin of the website will have the functionality to manage subscription & recurring payment for his store's products.


Also, this extension will be highly beneficial for the customers as by making future payments automatic, customers no longer have to log in to their accounts each and every billing cycle.


Hope this solution will be helpful for you, if not then you can contact the support team for further customization to make this extension fit for your purpose.





Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

Hello @orhanck,


Here check with this Magento2 Stripe Subscription Payments Extension to get recurring payments from customers. Kindly refer it.

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Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

You can explore our Magento 2 eWay Recurring & Subscriptions extension which allows selling subscriptions and automatically capture secure payments on a regular interval through eWay payment gateway.

It is a feature rich extension with following functionality:

  • Facilitates scheduling the subscription period of any time interval and frequency.
  • Email Notifications on various subscription activities
  • Supports setting recurring period
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Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

Hi @orhanck

There are several subscription/recurring payment extensions available for Magento that can handle bundled/grouped products. You can refer to Subscriptions and Recurring Payments or Stripe Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by Magenest. This extension allows you to offer subscription and recurring payment options for your bundled/grouped products. You can configure different subscription plans and payment options, and customers can manage their subscriptions from their account page.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Recurring Subscriptions...

Hi @orhanck,

You can check out Milople technologies Magento Recurring And Subscription Payments which has really good functionalities.