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Single movie rental

Single movie rental



I have a website with one single movie to rent. I'm hosting the movie on my server, same server as Magento 2. What I want to know if there is a module that would allow me to rent out the movie? I'm thinking of  a private page to like members only?

I know how to create Product Type Video and how to configure Youtube/Vimeo plus generate an API key. However what I'm looking for is for a way to host my movie on my own server and rent it out to customers.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you,


Re: Single movie rental

If you're already up and running with Magento 2, and trying to turn the site into a movie rental site, here are a couple of ideas that could help:


1) A Membership Extension 


This will let you sell a product that starts at the time of purchase, and ends at a fixed date. Ideally, the extension will put users into a unique Customer Group (See: for the duration of their membership (ie. the "rental" period).


Here are examples of membership extensions that you could look at:


2) CMS Page Restriction Extension:


You could have the video embedded into a particular page in the site that's only available to shoppers that are in a particular Customer Group.


Hopefully, this at least gives you some ideas to consider as you identify the right solution for your particular website. 


Best of luck!

Re: Single movie rental

You gave me the information I needed and you pointed me to the right direction.

I have my movie on my server and I just needed the information you gave me to get going.

I'm going to get this started and let you know the results.


Thank you!

Re: Single movie rental

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Re: Single movie rental

Thank you for sharing.

Re: Single movie rental

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Re: Single movie rental

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