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Special Offer Promotions

Special Offer Promotions

Hello all.


I am trying to find an extension / extensions that could handle the following promotion offer requirements.


Brand Promo - Buy 1 Full Price, Get x Discount of Further Products


Buy the first item of one Brand at full price and get a fixed discount amount) off every additional item of the same brand that are ordered at the same time.


Additional extra: Option to exclude certain products from those brands.



Brand Report


We need to identify customers who have bought products of a particular brand. Once customers have purchased x amount a one time discount code will be sent to the customer manually.


Customer Loyalty


Once a customer has spent over £100 in a 6 month period admin is alerted of the customer id, the customer can then be manually sent a discount code. This would need to reset every 6 months.



Re: Special Offer Promotions

Hello @Mikeh85

I will try to suggest you 2 extensions for two of the 3 requirements mentioned by you.


1. Brand Promo - Buy 1 Full Price, Get x Discount of Further Products

For that you can try our Special promotions module. It will let you create the shopping cart price rule you need. You will need to create a complicated rule where all conditions true: brand is "the brand you need"; sku is not one of sku1,sku2,sku3, the latter is used to exclude particular products from promotions.


2. Customer Loyalty

It is possible to achieve what you need with our Loyalty Program extension. You will be able to create a rule which will be applied if a customer spent £100+ during latest 6 months. However, there is no feature to send an automatic email to the store admin with the client ID. But you can simplify that my setting up automatic discounts if the conditions you set up are met.



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Re: Special Offer Promotions

Hi There,


Drafting out the best solution to your requirement as per my experience and opinion:


Boost the store sales and drive more traffic using Webkul's Customer Loyalty Extension for Magento 2. It facilitates the admin to reward its customers with points. Also allows admin to allocate reward points based on customer activity & purchase.


Integrate Magento 2 Special Promotions Extension as it facilitates the admin to create 16 promotional rules to let the customers avail that in the form of fixed or percentage discounts. Promotional rules can be applied to cheap/expensive products and also to grouped products.



Hope this solution will be helpful, if not then you can contact the support team for further customization to make this extension fit for your purpose.





Re: Special Offer Promotions

Hello @Mikeh85,

I would like to refer this Magento2 Special Promotion Extension according to your requirement. I hope this will satisfy your required functionality. Kindly review it.


If my answer is useful, then give me kudos and accept as solution.


Best regards

Re: Special Offer Promotions



You should try these Magento 2 Extensions, I think they are suitable for your requirements.


Magento 2 Advanced Report


Magento 2 Advanced Reports offer sales performance status with 28+ premade reports. Get new insights over how customers utilize and get predict sales trends. Using Magento 2 custom reports extension, you will get a variety of sale reports with priceless statistical data.


Magento 2 Membership Pro


Magento 2 Membership helps to create & manage the membership packages effectively. This amazing Magento 2 modular solution is extremely helpful in creating an unlimited number of membership levels with various and miscellaneous incentives.

Magento 2 Membership extension is designed with a view to offering the Magento 2 store owners a user-friendly configuration to increase customer loyalty and significantly enhance their shopping experience.