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Want to add store owner login in magento

Want to add store owner login in magento



I want to add store with store owner login with below functionaklity, can any one suggest me best extnetion for this?


A. It will be the main store with many medical/health/beauty products for sale
B. It will also be used to host smaller stores using the HTTP HOST header to differentiate logos/contact info/products available:,
C. The magento admin tools will be modified to be used to allow the different users to view all products and choose which ones will be in their store.
II. Main site store
B. Then I need you to take the list of manufacturers below and find all the products they sell online and import them into the appropriate categories along with the descriptions/images/retail pricing:
1. SkinMedica
2. Skinceuticals etc.....


III. Secondary stores based on HTTP HOST value.
A. We need to figure out how to modify the store pages in order to customize them based on each host.
1. Store owner A chooses, so when the magento store loads, it looks at the Http Host header value ( and adjusts the logo, contact info, products that are shown (see IV for details on this).
IV.Use tools to allow sub store owners to choose the products they want to have in their store.

A. We will need to create additional tables to store the products that each store owner wants to display. I’m hoping we can just reference the product ID in these tables as opposed to duplicating existing product data.
B. We may need to modify some of the product management tools to allow the sub store owner to browse all product and select for inclusion in his store.



This above funcationality i can't find in core magento setup, is there any free extenstion for this availabel.