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restrict shipping method in USA and Australia

restrict shipping method in USA and Australia

I want to restrict a particular shipping method for my USA and Australian customers. If a customer selects any of the defined countries, a specific defined method should be restricted. I want to implement this feature out of the cost saving techniques as one of the shipping carriers I use is charging me a lot in both of these countries. Any suggesstions? 


Re: restrict shipping method in USA and Australia

Hello @hohodo40184672,


Here is Magento2 Shipping Restriction extension is to restrict shipment method. 

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Re: restrict shipping method in USA and Australia


To restrict a specific shipping method for customers in the USA and Australia using Magento 2, you can implement this feature with the Magento 2 Restrict Payment Method extension by Milople Technologies. While the extension is primarily designed for payment methods, it can be adapted for shipping methods by following these steps:

  1. Install and Configure the Magento 2 Restrict Payment Method Extension: First, ensure that you have the Magento 2 Restrict Payment Method extension installed and configured on your Magento store. This extension allows you to set rules for restricting payment methods based on various conditions.

  2. Create Custom Rules for Restricting Shipping Method: Although this extension is designed for payment methods, you can repurpose it to restrict shipping methods. Create custom rules using the extension based on customer locations (USA and Australia) to achieve your objective.

  3. Define Conditions for USA and Australia: In the extension's settings, you can specify conditions for USA and Australia. For example, you can use customer shipping address information to determine if the destination is one of these two countries.

  4. Restrict the Shipping Method: After defining conditions for the USA and Australia, specify the shipping method you want to restrict for customers in these countries.

  5. Testing and Validation: Thoroughly test the configuration to ensure that the specified shipping method is restricted when customers from the USA and Australia select it during the checkout process.

  6. Consider User Experience: While restricting a shipping method, consider providing clear communication to your customers. Let them know why a particular shipping method is unavailable for their location and suggest alternative options.

  7. Regularly Review and Update: Keep in mind that customer preferences and shipping carriers can change. Regularly review and update your rules as needed to maintain cost-effective shipping solutions for your USA and Australian customers.

By repurposing the Magento 2 Restrict Payment Method extension, you can effectively restrict shipping methods for specific countries, helping you save on shipping costs and offer more cost-effective alternatives to your customers in the USA and Australia.