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separate sign up form for b2b customers

separate sign up form for b2b customers

does magento provide separate b2b sign up form? if yes, share the steps to enable the same. if not, please suggest a module that supports below requirements:

1. a separate sign up form for wholesalers

2. i want approval and rejection process to be implement on wholesaler registrations



Re: separate sign up form for b2b customers

You can use Magento 2 B2B Registration Form to get a separate sign-up form for B2B customers i.e Wholesalers in your case, through which they can register by adding related information for the admin. On the other hand, the admin can verify the details added by wholesalers and approve or disapprove. The customers get notified for both the approval and disapproval of the account creation. 

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Re: separate sign up form for b2b customers

Hi there, 


You can refer to the extension: Magento 2 B2B Registration Form by BSS Commerce, it helps you to create registration form for wholesalers, and add additional fields to the sign-up form for certain customer groups, for example, wholesalers as your requests

Besides, you can control B2B registrations to preview and decide the status as pending, approved, or rejected.


Hope this can help you to solve this issue.