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what is the best inventory management software for magento 2?

Re: what is the best inventory management software for magento 2?

Hi, I think that you should take a look at Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notification


The module assists you in notifying the customers who come to your Magento 2 store about all the changes that happen to the stock on the store including stock notification, changes in prices as well as the status of the stock.


Customer can easily subscribe notification for

On Magento 2 Stock Notification, the customers can choose to subscribe to these 3 major types of products. They are:

  • Out of stock product
  • Sale off product
  • Product that has a change in the price
Magento 2 out of stock subscription can notify customers by:

This amazing Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification can notify the customers by product. In particular, they can notify:

  • Stock status
  • Changes in the price of the products
Notify By Email Automatically or Manually
With Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notification, store admins can choose to either send notification to the customers automatically or manually. The automatic sending of notification emails can save a lot of efforts and time for the store owners, especially when the store have thousands of subscribers and sending email manually to each of them seems to be an impossible task.


Manage the list of subscribes easily
With Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification, you can achieve comprehensive management over the subscriber list smoothly and efficiently. By enabling you to view it in the form of list with provided detailed information, you’ll be able to simplify your work. This feature by Magento 2 Stock Notification also allows store owners to filter the subscribers according to the products they subscribe.
Display stock alert in a popup or on a page
Another convenient features that Out of Stock for Magento 2 can bring to you is the ability to display stock alert in a popup. With popup, it’s be more noticeable, quick and effective in gaining the customers’ attention. Moreover, stock alert can also be displayed on any page you like as long as it suits your business purpose.
Show Advanced Report: Out of Stock Product Subscription
Via making use of our Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification, store owners can have a detailed report on the number of customers who have subscribes for notification per any particular type of product. With this advanced report, the store admins on Magento 2 can use it to notify to the customer about the product’s status and informs when the products will be restocked.

Re: what is the best inventory management software for magento 2?



Here is the inventory management software for Magento 2. Magemob Inventory for Magento 2 is software to manage inventory.  


Hope this helps!

Re: what is the best inventory management software for magento 2?

Hi there,

We think it would be a good choice from Landofcoder. They provide MAGENTO 2 MULTI WAREHOUSE INVENTORY which will help:


- Create an unlimited number of warehouse
- Send and receive stock internally
- Compile sent stocks and received stocks into a list
- Choose warehouse when creating the shipment
- Externally send and receive stocks
- Create a new stock adjustment
- Quickly assign products to stock
- Check detail and adjust stock
- View stock adjustment history
- Manage stocks in the grid easily and simply
- Prediction of supply need
- Low stock rules
- Low stock notification
- Receive email notification on low-stock products
- Manage multiple warehouses in a grid
- Easily manage stocks on the grid
- Manage standard stock rules in the grid
- Customized configuration
- Customer-friendly menu

Try it here!