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Introduce Yourself!

Jisse Reitsma
Event Organizer

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi everybody,


My name is Jisse Reitsma, a developer from The Netherlands, owner of Yireo and announced Magento Master 2017 & 2018 (thanks, Sherrie, for that!). This is my second Imagine. Last year I was only in Las Vegas for 3 days - far too short to really experience Imagine in full. So, this time, I'm here for 7 days (and writing this from my hotel room close to the Wynn).


I'm here for networking, fun, presenting bits on PWA. And talking with everybody on how to increase extension quality, as I'm also part of ExtDN (Extension Developer Network) that is trying to improve extension interoperability. And I'm joining the Big Dam Run - walking, not running!