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Not able to install any extensions

Not able to install any extensions


I just installed magento 2.3 and trying install extensions & I get a "Check dependency error". After checking the log files in var/log, I notice only one error in magento.cron.log - 'streamIO.php line 141 streamsocket client() unable to connect to ssl 127.0.01:11213 connection refused'.

I could not find any help on internet.

Does this have something to do with SSL encryption? We have not installed an SSL certificate yet.

KIndly suggest a way forward



Re: Not able to install any extensions

Hello @vismaya 

Do you have set up the cron properly? Please check it is as per the devdocs guide.




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Re: Not able to install any extensions


Thanks for the reply. Cron is running properly & I checked the cron configurations. They are also set properly.  var/log/debug.log shows cron jobs finished successfully. Only var/log/magento.cron.log shows the above mentioned error. There are no other clues from the logs in var/log.