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Question regarding Super Easy SEO Extension

Question regarding Super Easy SEO Extension

Anyone using Super Easy SEO Extension? Here's the link:


Can someone help regarding how to create seo template for products? Please let me know.




Re: Question regarding Super Easy SEO Extension

Hello @ethanoptimc88d 

Here are the steps to create an SEO template for products in Super Easy SEO extension:


Super Easy SEO > Product > Add New Template.



You can set the template for 3 different options:

For all products, For specific products, or by all attributes.


SEO category Template:

Super Easy SEO > SEO Product Template > Add New Template





I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Give 'Kudo' and 'Accept as a solution' if you got what you are looking for.


All the best!

Re: Question regarding Super Easy SEO Extension

Hmm, Interesting. I haven't heard of such an extension. I am interested in your words and I will definitely try Super Easy SEO. Hmm,I was expecting to see here more information about this extension and more information about SEO and website promotion. I have organized my small business a few months ago and I want to promote my business website in order to attract more customers to it. I know that sites are promoted by mentioning links on other sites, but I don't quite understand how this extension can help.Thank you all in advance for the explanation, Can you send me a website where I can see full information about this extension? I hope that you can help me.Good luck to everyone here.

Re: Question regarding Super Easy SEO Extension

Thank you for sharing! I have been searching for some good SEO extensions for some time. I started using the services of for my website, and I wanted to have some tools that would help me to control their work, and maybe I will learn something new with their help. By the way, the SEO strategies applied by this company really worked, and I started to have many more visitors to my website from Google. Now I need to think more about how I can convert the new visitors to my website into buyers of my services.