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sms sending using msg91 and pingpoint

sms sending using msg91 and pingpoint


magento 2.4.2 CE

ubuntu 20.04

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

elasticsearch 7.6


I am looking for plugin suggestions which will help us sending sms during user registration and payment process using Msg91 and pingpoint. 


PS:- Due to new telecom regulation For India based businesses need to obtain some approval through a provider eg. pingpoint , vodafone etc. in my case it is pingpoint and provider is msg91. 




Re: sms sending using msg91 and pingpoint

Hey @awscadentia3b6,


I have seen your requirement for the SMS plugin. I can suggest you a Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension. It will help you to send an SMS to your customer. Also, we will help you to integrate with 3rd party platforms like msg91 and pinpoint.


The Feature Of This Extension Is as Follows: 

  • Any SMS Gateway API Supported sending different order notifications.
  • Option to set a custom message for different store events
  • Send Dynamic notifications using Dynamic variable fields
  • Admin can add a mobile number to get notified of each store's updates
  • OTP at Registration and OTP Before Checkout Feature
  • New Feature for Cancel Order SMS
  • Easy to use Shipment tracking variables in the shipping notification

Hope this helps you. 


Thank you.