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ARRAY(0x10d12c0) at top of every page

ARRAY(0x10d12c0) at top of every page

I have a small string of code at the top of every page of my site that did not exist before. it states:



See site below:


Any ideas where this comes from and how I can get rid of it?


Re: ARRAY(0x10d12c0) at top of every page

Hi -- I can see from your post on Stackoverflow that this problem appeared after you restored from a previous backup.   It will help if you provide as much information as possible, such as, what happened that made it necessary to revert to your backup?  What version of Magento were you upgrading from? What version is the backup that was restored?  Are there any extensions installed on your site?  


If you a view source, you can see that the string is injected above the <!DOCTYPE html> declaration, which explains why it  shows up on every page.  Do you have another Magento installation that you use as a sandbox, so you don't have to experiment on your production site?


Depending on what's going on, there are different courses you might take, ranging from fixing the problem to doing a clean install.  If you provide answers to these questions, it will help someone steer you in the right direction.


I hope this helps!







Re: ARRAY(0x10d12c0) at top of every page

This all started when I tried to install Fish-Pig Wordpress extension.  I had this installed, installed wordpress and was attempting to set-up wordpress when I recieved the WSOD on both the frontend and backend of the site.   Without any other good optoins I reverted to my back-up installation on the server.


This worked with a few minot glitches I needed to work-out, (lost Htaccess file) but kept this ARRAY error that I cannot resolve.


Magento version is 1.9.  It was 1.9 on both the old and the new installation.  In fact the back-up I had made the same day this all happened, so there shoul have been no differneces.


I have run Magento repair tool, that found no issues between a fres 1.9 file and my current file.


Again, any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated.

Re: ARRAY(0x10d12c0) at top of every page

Hi @sensinggas


To make sure it is that extension, try and disable it by editing the config file app/etc/moduels/Fishpig_Wordpress.xml, and set the active node to false, then clear your Magento cache.


If it goes away you have confirmed this is where the problem lies. 


To find out where the module is outputing something you can try grepping through the its Modules files from the terminal:


grep -rin "\(echo\|print_r\|printf\)" app/code/community/FishPig/Wordpress/ | grep -v "\(.phtml\|sprintf\)"


This will find some common PHP printing functions that i could remember of the top of my head. Excluding template files and sprintf. That  should return some lines in the terminal, but you should be able to see if anything to wierd comes up here, that might be your issue.


I'm not sure if your module is located in community/FishPig/ but the only Magento instance I have come across with this extension had it in commnuity.


I hope this helps you :-)