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Logout each Maintenance Front Update

Logout each Maintenance Front Update

Hi, tried multiple extensions which add maintenance mode for visitors. All of them got a problem with Login cache. So, I am logged in as admin, activate the maintenance plugin. Mainsite is shown in maintenance - even if I am still logged in as admin in backend. And here we go...every time I refresh the front page, it logs me out of the backend. No matter if I use https or http. Tried to Login and clear the cache, refresh of main site via SSL works. But when I click any link, its being without SSL and I am logged out again. Any suggestions welcome Smiley Happy Thank you very much!

Re: Logout each Maintenance Front Update

Could you not use a altenative solution, using index.html(for maintenance) and then in .htaccess file redirect the user to index.html instead of index.php while the store is down for maintenance ?





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