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Native Magento Redis Session extension

Native Magento Redis Session extension

In the past, I had installed the extension Cm_RedisSession on Magento The relevant extension had been installed under the directory /app/code/local/Cm/RedisSession. Afterwards, I upgraded to Magento which has native support for Redis sessions. So, I ended up with having code under both the following directories:


The file /app/etc/modules/Cm_RedisSession.xml seems to be that of Magento which has codePool=community, and not the one of the extension Cm_RedisSession I got from github which had codePool=local. However, after conducting some checks I got the impression that the Cm_RedisSession extension actually used by my Magento installation is the initial one installed under /app/code/local/Cm, and not the native one installed under /app/code/community/Cm.

So, I have 3 questions:

  1. How can I make the native one be used by Magento installation?
  2. Which of the above extensions System > Configuration > Advanced > Cm_RedisSession=Enable corresponds to?
  3. I know that the Cm_RedisSession I got from github does not support Compiler. Can I enable Magento compiler with the native Cm_RedisSession extension of Magento

Re: Native Magento Redis Session extension

The native Magento Redis Session extension optimizes session storage using Redis, enhancing performance and scalability.