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Save Emails and Send them at later time, possible?

Save Emails and Send them at later time, possible?



We are migrating from CubeCart to magento I know this is magento 1 and magento 2 already exists. As soon as we have migrated to magento 1 we start migrating to magento 2. Most reason is the client loves the template and have already paid money for it... I'm just a part time magento guy and hence the migrating have taken longer time than expected....


Anyway, we have 180.000 products, 30.000 customers and 12.000 orders I need to migrate.


I have made scripts for most of it, but I run into an issue that importing this data takes time.Now my script imports the orders, if customer does not exist the script create the customer....


as I mentioned above the script create the user. This means that the script sends him welcome email and also email with his orders....

But as there is so much data to import it can take 4 days just to import and then a few days to check if everything is fine. I don't want customers to have access to the site while I do this.


Script create a customer and send him link to a page he cannot login to because script is not done importing the other customers...


I would prefer somehow the system to store the emails and only send them to the customers after I have checked that everything is working fine... any idea how?


Re: Save Emails and Send them at later time, possible?


Considering your situation, a good approach might be to modify your script to store the customer data and emails in a staging area or a specific database table instead of sending them out immediately. Once the Space Saving migration and checks are completed, you can then trigger the sending of welcome emails and order notifications to customers from that staging area.

This way, you ensure that the emails are not sent until you're ready and have verified that the migration has been successful.

Re: Save Emails and Send them at later time, possible?

Absolutely! One way to handle this is to modify your script to store the emails in a queue or a temporary storage mechanism instead of sending them immediately. After completing the data import and ensuring everything is working fine, you can then trigger the system to send out the stored emails to customers of Black Shot. This way, you have better control over the timing of email delivery. Good luck with your migration to Magento