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Translation issue on magento CE

Translation issue on magento CE

magento 1.9

When user order a product he gets a order confirm email, which contain a table with a column named "Item", how can I translate "Item" to "produkt"??


Have checked in mage_sales.csv and there the item is translated, but yet the email sent shows "Item" (not product).


also the template came with 4 store views (english, spanish, frech, russian), but my client only need norwegian language. So I disabled spanish, french and russian, And have been using inline translation to translate text from english to norwegian. Think maybe emails are sent with english translation as the store view is in named english... not sure


any ideas?


Re: Translation issue on magento CE

Hi @Loginname,


Can you check if your template is properly configured and the text/values/blocks are correct?

Maybe you can check if the translation file used by emails is the correct too.


If I'm not wrong the file used for thar part of the email is app/design/frontend/base/default/template/email/order/items.phtml. Can you check eveything is in place there?