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install problems

install problems

yesterday i downloaded magento to try, but i have so many problem.


1. Purchase and upload: i uploaded files to ftp. It was very slow (30-40kb/s - my average upload speed is 5mb/s with other files - i tried this yesterday too). So, i was waiting and waiting and finally succes.
Then realize that my php version is smaller, so purchase version. Same “speed”, wait only 25minutes, and voilá.. ready for install. I read somewhere, that installation procedure show that the php is not adequate, but i didn’t seen this. Why??


2.Installation: I read the installation suggestions before installing, so checked db and permissions, it was ok, so opened the url and accepted license page checkbox, then showed an empty page. Then i try solved this. Found a suggestion to make visible a line in index.php (ini-set message) to debug. I done this, so i got message in browser: fatal error with message_collation in abstract.php line 215. i thought, comment this functions lines with the problem line, i get other fatal error message other message_collation in message.php line 115 (i can’t remember folder exactly, but not this the main problem). Commented these functions lines with the problem line again, then checked browser too, and i saw a magento-like page (not the empty) with a normal message. WHY can’t see normally way the information about installation bugs??


3. ok, looking other way: i’ve mamp in my local machine, tried install magento (unzipped files again, so i didn’t change these before new installation). It was ok, hurray! But: i used chrome, and when installation finished i tried to login to admin panel, but always get the admin page without any message. I tried to login in firefox, and it was success. WHY??


4. I had a local instance but not this my way, so i took a free web host, php version, mysql version, size was ok and no speed limit. Upload files toooooo slooooow again (other files with normal speed uploaded)… ok, not problem, that is magento (i’ve tried finally in a windows ftp client too, to check if my mac causes the problem, but it was same “speed”. I’m waiting now for about 6 hours, it’s so terrible.. so i rather stopped it finally.

Maybe i am stupid, but i think i tried any way to play with magento to use this in future. But it not suitable for serious using, i think. And very slow in the local environment, too. So i’m not join this anyway.

“Help Us to Keep Magento Healthy - Report All Bugs (ver.” - so i hope this article not keep it healthy rather it make heal magento for the future.


Re: install problems



3. Yes, chrome has an issue sometime with Magento, while login into backend. it shows login page again even after entered the correct credentials. If you are seeing random key in url then that means credentials are ok. 

Now please try this in chrome.

Open the link of admin page > Right click > Inspect element > Resources > Cookies > delete one by one. 

Reload the page and try login into admin again.


I don't know the speed of your interenet connection but usually it doesn't take too much time to upload the Magento on server. I am considering you are uploading zip file on the server first. I don't know which hosting provider you are using. Contact them if they can check this for you. It is advisable to use Magento optimized hosting server for the Magento installation. 

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