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1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains

1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains


I'm trying to figure out if I can have 2 different domains that I would like to use for my store. for example: and 

One will be used for Sterling and the other for Euro payments. Can this be done? 

Thank you


Re: 1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains


yes, this is possible. you need to create 2 websites in Magento 2 admin and add Base url for specific website.

Also you need to create symlinks in second domain for these folders



Re: 1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains

Hello @salesrefrif85a,


Yes, it is possible to create 1 website with 2 domains. But make sure you purchase a subdomain to avoid content duplication so that your website can rank on the search engines.

Magento is best for eCommerce and that's why it offers you to easily utilize the Magento feature to use 1 store with domains. 


Hope this information will help you!

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Re: 1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains

You only need to do simple settings, you can achieve your needs.


Follow this tutorial to achieve.

How to setup Multiple Domains in a Multi-Store Setup - Magento 2 Tutorial 

Re: 1 ecommerce store, but 2 domains

To have 2 Magento domains for different regions:

- Get both domains registered

- Set up separate Nginx server blocks

- Configure separate base URLs per store view

- Create store views for each domain

- Configure currency, payments, etc. per store view

- Enable caching and test thoroughly