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404 not found error for every page except homepage

404 not found error for every page except homepage

 Hello everyone,  

I have installed Magento 2 with MAMP on my MacBook Pro OS X.

After finishing the installation, the homepage shows up fine with a default theme. Next to that every single page shows :

404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /magento/admin was not found on this server.  


I have been looking for a solution for 2 days now, after trying many different things none of them worked for me. I've tried both Magento and Magento 2.

I hope someone can help me fix this problem, via PM we can also change Skype credentials to make it easier. If you need any more information feel free to ask. Thanks in advance and wish you all nice days.


Re: 404 not found error for every page except homepage

I see you have installed Magento 2 into the /magento subdirectory.

When Magento 2 is installed into a subdirectory, you need to adjust your webserver (Apache, Nginx, etc.).


Re: 404 not found error for every page except homepage

I have also tried installing it in the root directory it didn't change anything, and I can't find the .htaccess files on my Mac. Could you help me through Skype?

Re: 404 not found error for every page except homepage

It is probably because mod_rewrite is not installed or working on your Apache server.


mod_rewrite is usually installed as part of MAMP but perhaps your magento .htaccess file is not being loaded for some reason.


The first possibility is that if you extracted the archive file on your mac and moved the files using the finder or uploaded them to a mac web server using something like dreamweaver then by default the Mac does not show files starting with a . such as .htaccess and therfore they would not be copied into the web server directory. The solution to this is probably to enable showing hidden files in the finder on the Mac so you can see and copy the files easily. This link shows you how to enable viewing hidden files.


The second possibility is how you have configured your http server. You must tell it to allow .htaccess to override settings in a directory. To do this you must have this in your httpd.conf file.


<Directory "/your/magento/directory/">
Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymlinks
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all


Obviously replace "/your/magento/directory/" with the actual path to your Magento installation.


Finally during the installation of Magento 2 when you use the web installation setup in your browser, when you get to the Web Configuration section there is an Advanced Options section where you can turn off Apache Rewrites if you can't get mod rewrite to work. That is fine for experimenting but for an actual web store you would really want to get the re-writes working.