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Get to know IT Operations and Why You Need It

Get to know IT Operations and Why You Need It

Entering the era of digitalization, Information Technology (IT) has an important role in the business world. This is because IT has many functions and roles for an all-digital company. As a result, IT managed operation service providers are increasingly mushrooming.

The emergence of Managed Service IT Operation service providers is not without reason, they can help companies manage their IT department. Later, the Managed Service IT Operation service provider will be responsible for some or all of the IT operations, according to the applicable agreement.


The need for professional IT staff to support the company's operations in the midst of this pandemic is very important. Where almost all companies still implement a work from home policy in accordance with government regulations. So that companies often experience difficulties in finding professional IT candidates that suit the company's operational needs. Starting from making job advertisements, the interview process and having to do training that takes quite a long time.


Telkomsigma as a provider of services and services in the field of Information and Communication Telecommunications (ICT) has a solution that can help meet these needs. One of our Managed Services that can support your company's operational activities is IT Operation Services. Where by using IT Operation Services, we can provide IT support needed in the field (onsite support) or remotely (remote support). In addition, you can also customize your company's operational IT needs such as support for network management, internet, Wi-Fi, servers, bandwidth settings, various hardware settings including monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting.


By using Telkomsigma's IT Operation Services, your company will get many benefits such as labor cost efficiency, cutting operational costs, professional IT technical support, helpdesk support and customer service ready to serve customer needs 24/7/365. So that during this pandemic your company can focus more on business.


Re: Get to know IT Operations and Why You Need It

Thnx for posting it. I'm aware that my reply is a bit late, but I've been looking for similar info.