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Install the magento at the windows - Elasticsearh

Install the magento at the windows - Elasticsearh

I'm with elasticsearch function active, but the  Magento at the process of install not reconize the Elasticsearh and show for me this message: "Missing required argument $engines of Magento\Search\Model\EngineResolver."


I need help, because I trying everything.


Re: Install the magento at the windows - Elasticsearh

Installing Magento 2 is never an easy task. Since the very first release, there are many problems users may encounter when installing Magento 2.

With the latest release of Magento 2.4, things have become harder as Magento 2 now, requires Elasticsearch as a mandatory component.

To make a Magento 2 installation work properly in the Production environment, users are recommended to install Magento 2 in localhost first. Then transfer the local installation to a Magento 2 hosting and update store’s Baseurl, and reindex Magento 2.

This installation guide works with Magento 2.4.0, Magento 2.4.1 and Magento 2.4.2

Refer to this article if you are looking for a guide to install Magento 2.4.x on ubuntu with Elasticsearch
Step 1: Install Xampp and Compose
Step 2: Install elasticsearch on windows
Step 3: Config php.ini
Step 3: Create database for Magento 2 website
Step 4: Install Magento 2
Step 5: Install sample data for Magento 2.4
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Re: Install the magento at the windows - Elasticsearh

Hi @erleybispo2002,


You need to reinstall the elastic search from the official website. 

Install with the following steps:

1. Install Xampp and Compose.
2. Install elastic search on windows.
3. Config php.ini
4. Create a database for Magento 2 website.
5. Install Magento 2.
6. Install sample data for Magento 2.4.

You need to start the elastic search before you start using it. Just like XAMPP.

Now make sure that you have started it. 


Hope this will help you to resolve your error. 

If not, feel free to contact us.


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