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Question about software ?

Question about software ?

for a middle sized online store?


Don't Magetnto have something like Prestashop cloud store?


Re: Question about software ?

Hi @ibes_mixvi 


Yes, Magento have its own cloud (cloud guide) like Prestashop where you can create your online store.


Magento having its own cloud plans. You can host Magento on any third-party hosting server easily.


Magento is fully customize platform offers more functionality out-of-the-box then Prestashop. Magento is currently known to be the most flexible shopping platform. 


Here is the link where you can see how Magento is far better the Prestashop.




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Re: Question about software ?

Hello @ibes_mixvi 


Yes Magento Also have Cloud product - Called Magento Commerce Cloud for Small, Mid and Enterprise Grade projects.


Magento Commerce Cloud is an all-in-one solution that delivers the power of Magento at affordable prices for small business !


Refer this link for the same -


Magento Commerce Cloud have two plans - Started and Pro - based on the requirement you can go with the plan for the same. Refer this link -


Hope it helps !

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Re: Question about software ?

Magento is fully customize platform offers more functionality out-of-the-box

Re: Question about software ?

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