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Installing on a cloud...

Installing on a cloud...

In my company we’re using a lot of automated things.


The lights, coffee machines, heating, even the fridges are all being automated right now. To handle all that, they’ve decided on a cloud server a long time ago.

Now we’re using that pretty successfully and without any problems.

The problem I’m running into now is, that I’m somehow unable to install Magento on that cloud server, even though I’ve tried everything that I could come up with.


How could I go about this problem? I need it to work with Magento and with Aiven for IoT the software we’re using for our atomizations…


Re: Installing on a cloud...

Magento should work in this case

Re: Installing on a cloud...

Is it the internet of things, isn't it? This is what I would like to have in my future house. It is not even about the convenience but the unique technology.

Re: Installing on a cloud...

The basic installation process is quite straightforward and you, as the System or Network Administrator, can install and/or configure some of the components at a later time, allowing you to set up your working service in stages. 


See the example :- login


Can anyone help me ?

Thanks ..,