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MAMP, Mac, Magento - php issue

MAMP, Mac, Magento - php issue

Trying to get a local Magento 2.4.2p1 implementation on my Mac with MAMP and Big Sur. 

Got the latest MAMP and set ports to 80, got composer 2.1.1, MAMP has php 7.4.12 - should all be good.

But when I try to do a composer install of Magento (in the proper document root), I get a php error - no intl. This shouldn't be - I'm wondering if this is a PATH issue to the right php? It shows apache's is 7.3.24 so I know it's not using the right php, plus a php -m shows no intl. The MAMP phpinfo() page's php 7.4 has everything in place.

The config file path in MAMP to php (in the MAMP profile screen) is:


The Mac terminal path is (echo $PATH):



Bottom line is that my Mac terminal is not using the same php as MAMP thinks it should be.


Is the PATH my issue? If not, what? 




Re: MAMP, Mac, Magento - php issue

Just had another thought - is this something I need to change in my httdp.conf file?


Maybe add a LoadModule statement pointing to the right php?


I can try that later and see if that helps, but I would think that MAMP handles that since clearly the php module loads......

Re: MAMP, Mac, Magento - php issue