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Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos

Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos


i'm here to ask help. 

I've a little problem very weird. I need to make a modification on Magento website so i've upload all file and create a dump of the database (production) to create on local the copy on the website. 

i create data base and import the dump, i 'have folder with the magento project and my MAMP works perfectly. 

I also change the file env.php to connect to the local database and i've make this "" and for this 2 line : web/unsecure/base_url  and web/secure/base_url on table core_config_data
i also test with localhost and i also modify ma MAMP to connect directly to the folder Servercopy

I always the same error when i try to go to : ""
i 've HTTP ERROR 500

someone have an idea ? 

thanks for help me. 


Re: Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos

Hi @masteraf1g996c,

Enable the error reporting in the following file. 


Un-comment the below line.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

I hope it will help you!

Re: Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos

Hello @masteraf1g996c 


Please follow the below steps to resolve this


1. Check with .htaccess if missing than please add it if there than please try to check it or use default magento .htaccess file

2. Please check mode_rewrite mod enable in your localhost

3. if you still facing issue than please check permission of your files and folders.

4. Please run below commands

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f


Let me know if any issues


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Thank you

Aims Infosoft

Re: Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos

Hello @masteraf1g996c 



Please check var/log file of lamp.


find path of log file apache2 or nginx and check error.log for same.


Hope it will help you.

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Sunil Patel
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer & Frontend Developer

Re: Magento 2 migrate server prod to localhos



I have cloned a GitHub repository to my local Xamp server and have also imported the database. However, I do not have an env.php file in app/etc. Now when I try to browse the website it says " Vendor autoload not found". Then I ran the composer install provided the authentication as well after a few steps the installation asks for authentication for a third party extension which is guess is included in my code. Is there any way to resolve this and get the website working on my local? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.