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Multiple Magento 2 Systems and Composer

Multiple Magento 2 Systems and Composer

I’ve been reading up a lot and it’s confusing as everyone seems to recommend using Composer to install and maintain Magento 2 but I can’t find answers to some basic questions:


1. I believe Composer is something that is installed per server - not per cPanel account?


2. Can Composer only look after one Magento 2 system? I want to have a Development system on a subdomain, another rough test system (with demo data to play around with) in a subfolder on a different domain and eventually have a Live system on yet another domain, the Live domain. The live system will be a copy of the dev system so I will need to clone dev system at some point. Could all these be updated by Composer at different times?


3. If I don’t use Composer and use Setup Wizard is it easy to apply Magento updates, patches, extensions and extension upgrades.


4. Would I have any problems in the future if I didn’t use Composer? Is it still easy to do updates even if not as easy as with composer?


5. What is best way to install and manage the 3 Magento systems I outlined?