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MySQL Cluster on Community Edition

MySQL Cluster on Community Edition

Hello. I need to set up a highly available Magento 2.0 Community Edition. I was thinking about using MySQL Cluster for my DB, but then I ran into this (source:


  • Standalone databases for key subsystems like order management, product management and checkout; combined with support for MySQL Cluster, enable Magento to scale to handle rapid growth.


According to that, MySQL Cluster wouldn't be supported for the Community Edition of Magento 2.0. I've never used MySQL Cluster before, I'm just doing some research, but isn't it transparent to applications? Why would it have to be supported?



Re: MySQL Cluster on Community Edition

Obviously, it is Magento 2 Enterprise only feature.

If you do not want to buy Magento 2 Enterprise then just wait: I expect there will be Community editon paid extensions for the puprose of clustering.