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New Magento 2 theme / design change?

New Magento 2 theme / design change?

Alternatively, should I start with the current live site, make a duplicate with all data and then once the design is working on staging site, export all design tables and config tables and any files import those into the original live site ?


Re: New Magento 2 theme / design change?


If you looking forward to updating design/theme then the following steps help you.

  1. Replicate and set up your project code and database in sub-directory or in sub-domain.
  2. Create a new theme for your changes
    1. If you want to edit any theme then create a child theme of that theme and do your changes in child theme
  3. For any database operation creates a new module in app/code directory. Database operation like update database table field, create a new database table, fetch data from the database, create new EAV attribute for a customer , product.
  4. After successfully done with changes note down your file list, module list, Magento command list, and admin configuration list
  5. Move your files in which you changed in the live server.
  6. Enable your module
  7. Set Admin Configuration
  8. Select a new theme for your store scope.
  9. Run following Magento Command
php bin/magento setup:upgrade && php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy && php bin/magento c:f


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Thank you
Hiren Patel