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New Magento Admin needs help learning Magento

New Magento Admin needs help learning Magento

I am looking for resources to help me learn how to best manage a Magento-powered website.


Are there any free resources you are willing to provide to assist a new Magento Admin with learning the ropes?


Example Resources:

  • Discord Groups
  • Whitepapers
  • Wiki's
  • Video Series


I would like to know more about:

  • How to add/remove/manage extensions
  • How to access and manage the DB
  • The recommended performance settings for an image-heavy e-com site using Magento
  • API integration options with EMR software
  • Customer profile configuration
  • Social Media Integration

I have a background in advanced Wordpress site development and advanced SEO/SEM but have never worked with Magento or heard of it before my current position. So... anything you can provide or point me towards would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank You!


Re: New Magento Admin needs help learning Magento

hi can we please have a discussion on discord. i am new to magento and i would like to ask some questions 

Re: New Magento Admin needs help learning Magento

From Magento 2 configuration, you can create admin user accounts as many as you need but they will be set in different access level if you ask. For example, you can assign the view and change only for websites or stores without any global settings or data. Online merchants need to restrict the admin access to ensure the management tasks are not overlapped. Clicking Here to check details.