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Setup Wizard not showing

Setup Wizard not showing

Just uploaded the via ftp to my shared Hostgator server and placed it in a sub directory . I extracted the file via the file manager as described in the directions. I followed the database configuration and php configuration instruction with no problems.  


I have gone to and all I see is the "Index of" page. I have tried opening every folder but still cant seem to get the wizard to start. 


I am guessing this is an easy fix (probably something stupid I missed)


Any suggestions? 






Re: Setup Wizard not showing

You should configure your webserver.

Re: Setup Wizard not showing

Thanks so much. As much as I hate to admit it my problem was even more simple than that. 


In case anyone comes accross this type of issue and hasn't thought of it (like me)... make sure you have the server space set high enough to accept the extracted files. I had mine set at a basic (low) limit and not all the files extracted even thought it looked like it was successful. 


All good now. 

Re: Setup Wizard not showing

magento 2 don't works with shared Hostgator.