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Shared Host Server Installation

Shared Host Server Installation



I setting up a booking & reservation site for a small cabin site (about 5 cabins). They also offer activities and excursions. About 10 products in all.


I would like to know if ElacticSearch is necessary, considering it will be only about 10 or so products and no need for any searching?


I know that I will need a booking & reservation addon. I would like a recommendation to on that's capable of handling this.


Thanks in advanced.



Re: Shared Host Server Installation

Hello @horace_lyon 


You must have an Elasticsearch host set-up and configured prior to installing Magento.  You will not be able to continue the installation process until you successfully connect to Elasticsearch. 


As of Magento 2.4.0, you must install Magento from the command line and it requires Elasticsearch in installation as well.

As per my knowledge you can go with Magento 2.3.5 but it may have some issues which was covered in Magento 2.4.


It's already a heated debate that MySQL is totally deprecated for searching and Elasticsearch is required to install and the fact is most of the hosting server doesn't provide Elasticsearch in shared hosting !!


You can go through with technology requirements here as well :


Hope you get what you needed !!


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