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Step 6 - 76% freeze

Step 6 - 76% freeze


In the final step of Magento Installer (Step6: Install), the process freeze in a progress installing...76%.

The console log shows this step: 

"Module 'Magento_CustomerSampleData':
Installing data.. "


And no more messages. 

How can resume the installation process and complete?




Re: Step 6 - 76% freeze

1) Check installation: ./var/install.log, if there is an error.


2) Try to install using CLI command:


magento setup:install


See full command format here:

Magento 2 payment extentions:

Re: Step 6 - 76% freeze

After about 12 attempts, I gave up trying to do a Magento 2 install WITH sample data on a shared server.

The only thing that worked for me was to use PHP7 and install without the sample data

then afterwards load the sample data by following the instructions



#curl -sS | php

mv it to bin directory in your $PATH and rename it to take the .phar off (make sure it’s executable)



#composer update

The username is PUBLIC KEY (from Magento site – see Connect section)

The password is PRIVATE KEY (from Magento site – see Connect section)



You need to run the following to force the sampledata download

php /home/mydomainname/public_html/bin/magento sampledata:deploy

Once composer installed and updated then need to run update:-

php /home/mydomainname/public_html/bin/magento setup:upgrade