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What an absolute shambles this installation is...

What an absolute shambles this installation is...

I've now spent the best part of my working week trying to get Magento 2 installed on our web host so forgive the slight annoyance in my post! I've installed 1.8 and 1.9 many times with no issues but this really takes the biscuit.


I seem to have stumbled upon all three well known issues (not to mention smaller ones).


The main one was continuous "exception SessionHandler::read()" errors during installation which, after numerous re-installs to try and fix, I've eventually decided to just set sessions to db instead of files - although even this seems to not always fix it.


I've now (not for the first time) got the error 403 error loading style sheets AND the "no admin page" error!


I've tried some of the proposed solutions such as modifying .htaccess and I even tried just not ticking the rewrites box during install, but almost every search in here seems to have different suggestions and almost all of them are based around hosting your own LAMP solution which I'm not doing.


To make matters worse, every time I want to retry the installation I have to delete and re-upload 41268 files via Filezilla which takes ages because I've yet to find a way to ensure that a partial delete of the temp install hosted files is bringing me back to a state where I can redo the install wizard successfully. 


I've successfully installed MVC, WP and Magento 1.9 on my host but this has just been a huge waste of valuable time and unfortunately my client needs version 2.0.


This shouldn't be that hard and given how many people have suffered the same three problems over and over in here I'm amazed that these weren't checked in the wizard during the supposed installation verification process. Many, many people run Magento from 3rd party hosts and they should be able to install with a similar ease to 1.9.


Re: What an absolute shambles this installation is...

You could always join the QA and / or Documentation team and help make things better.

Re: What an absolute shambles this installation is...

It took me about 4 hours to complete the install and I did find it difficult.  End result is very nice though.

Re: What an absolute shambles this installation is...

I'd love to help but honestly I just don't have the time. All the issues have been well documented here on many occasions so I wouldn't be bring anything to the table.


Can I ask, did you install it on a shared 3rd party hosting solution? If not, it seems this is the biggest stumbling block. Magento 2.0 is not an "out of the box" solution as much as it was with 1.9.

Re: What an absolute shambles this installation is...

tell me about it.  I've been working with magento 1.x for the past few years, doing various installs and moves, but my god this new version is quite a headache.  After a few hours I finally got the install to go through without errors and when i login  to the admin it doesn't want to load the css so its a white page of html elements.