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a few question about software ?

a few question about software ?

for a middle sized online store?


Don't Magetnto have something like Prestashop cloud store?


Re: a few question about software ?

Hello @aquas_askin 


I think this question is already asked by someone but i am not able to find that thread !


So here i am sharing the answer again - Yes Magento does have this kind of cloud service is available !


Magento have one advanced product called - Magento Commerce Cloud ! for mid-size as well as large/enterprise size program as well.


It have two plans starter and pro, here is the link -


For more details refer this link  -


Hope it helps !

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Re: a few question about software ?

Hi @aquas_askin 


Yes, Magento have its own cloud (cloud guide) like Prestashop where you can create your online store.


Magento having its own cloud plans. You can host Magento on any third-party hosting server easily.


Magento is fully customize platform offers more functionality out-of-the-box then Prestashop. Magento is currently known to be the most flexible shopping platform. 


Here is the link where you can see how Magento is far better the Prestashop.




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Re: a few question about software ?



Magento does not have hosted solution like Prestashop cloud. Magento used to have similar solution years ago and got deprecated. Magento comes in 2 flavors Open Source (Free) and Commerce (Paid). Commerce version has 2 options on premise and Hosting with Magento which is called and Magento Commerce Cloud. You have full access of your source code all the time and make whatever customization needed. Paid version has yearly licensing fee.


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- Tarandeep
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Re: a few question about software ?

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Re: a few question about software ?

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