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delta migration

delta migration

I have made a copy of my live database and used it for migration. Now I am ready with Magento 2 and wanted to do the deltamigration. That does not work.


I have tried to do the datamigration again and some data get tranfered like customers but orders/invoices etc. and products are not.


Do I have to start all over again? A months work down the drain? Is there a way to migrate my orders again?


Re: delta migration

Hi @Bengideon 


You can use the migration Tools suggested by the magento please find below link it will help you to migrate your data.





Hope this helps.


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Re: delta migration

I have used that tool.


After that I have made my website ready to use. Now I am ready and I would like to import products and orders again with the latest mutations of my live website.


Because I made my m2 site on a separate server delta mutations are not stored in the M1 database so the Delta function does not work.


I thought to do the datamigration again for the products, customers and orders. But that only works for the customers. I have used the command: bin/magento -r {path to config.xml}


This way i get the new customers. But the products are not refreshed and the orders are not getting refreshed either.

Re: delta migration

Hi @Bengideon,


I think you could try this command to migrate your recent data. Notably, make sure that you configure the right path/files in order to establish a connection between M1 and M2's databases. 

bin/magento migrate:delta -a {<path to config.xml>} 

However, this command is applied for all your data. You can't choose only customer and order data. 


You can refer to this blog for more detailed steps of how to upgrade to Magento 2. 


Let me know if you need further assistance. Hope this can help you!



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Marcus | LitExtension Expert
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Re: delta migration

I used a copy of the live database for the fist migration. So delta migration does not work. The -a option is for passing integrity errors. I do not have integrity errors.

I want to migrate orders again and overwrite the original migration. But that does not work. I do not understand why not. I only want to migrate orders again. Products I did not add so a CSV file with the recent stock will do.


But how do I migrate the orders again?

Re: delta migration

Hi @Bengideon,


In this case, I think you could use our migration tool that can help you to transfer all your data including products, customers, orders, customer passwords etc. automatically and seamlessly. You can also select what entities you want to migrate and try free demo before performing the full migration. 


We also offer unlimited recent data migration and re-migration services without any additional costs in 6 months, as our COVID-19 customer support program. 


Hope this can help you! Please let me know if you need further assistance. 



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Marcus | LitExtension Expert
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