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MIgration of Enterprise Magento 1 to community Magento 2

MIgration of Enterprise Magento 1 to community Magento 2



I want to migrate Magento 1 website which is in Enterprise edition to Magento 2 community edition. Can any body please suggest me the proper approach or steps to handle this migration.






Re: MIgration of Enterprise Magento 1 to community Magento 2

Hi @Nishu Jindal,


As Magento data migration tool does not support migrate from Magento 1 Enterprise Edition (EE) to Magento 2 Community Edition (CE), there are only two ways left in order to do it: manual migration and using automated migration tools.


1. Manual Migration

If you decide to migrate from Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 CE manually, you have to copy and paste all your data to your new site. This process can cost you a great deal of time and might limit the data that you can transfer to your new store. 


2. Automated Shopping Cart Migration Tools

Besides performing migration manually, using automated migration tools is another technique to transfer online stores. These tools use customized migration transcripts that allow you to transfer a wider range of data types.


In addition, this method can save you a lot of time and effort. There's no need for any technical knowledge at all, just provide your cart information and the automated tools will carry out the migration process securely and accurately. 


Hope this can help you!


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Marcus | LitExtension Expert
Shopping Cart Migration Service

Re: MIgration of Enterprise Magento 1 to community Magento 2

Hello there,


An automated migration tool is the best alternative to manual data migration. You will be able to move to Magento 2 not only with no data loss but also with no business interruption and end-user confusion.


The process of data migration is simple, so even a person with minimal to no tech skills could cope with it. You just have to follow the instructions and everything will be done for you. Moreover, automated service does not interfere with the store's performance. So, you will be able to continue your ordinary business activities even during the replatforming.


Good luck with your migration!

Cart2Cart Team