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Apply Surcharge on Shipping when Minimum Order not Met

Apply Surcharge on Shipping when Minimum Order not Met

I ran into a problem recently when wanting to change customers a handling fee of $12 if they did not meet the minimum order limit of $100. The answer was to always have a $12 handling fee, but then give a $12 discount if the order minimum was met.


This is what worked for me:

Shipping Method Settings:
    Flat Rate - Enabled
        Title - UPS Ground (Will be $0 at time of sale if order minimum has been met)
        Type - Per Order
        Price - 12
        Sort Order - 1

    UPS - Enabled
        Allowed Methods - Anything but Ground
        Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount - Disabled
        Sort Order - 2

Rule Settings:
    Rule Information
        Rule Name - Minimum Order Limit Met
        Description - Order is less than minimum, so a flat rate shipping charge will be applied
        If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :
            Subtotal  equals or greater than  100
        Apply - Fixed amount discount for whole cart
        Discount Amount - 12
        Apply to Shipping Amount - Yes