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Can't log in on frontend with cookie restriction enabled

Can't log in on frontend with cookie restriction enabled

Hi, I tried to enable the "cookie restriction modus" but after doing that, the notification shows up at the bottom (which is easily overlooked by customers) but the biggest error is that my customers can't log in to the frontend anymore!

I tried this myself and had the same problem, so accepted the cookies, but no change.

I tried all kinds of different settings but no luck.

Used settings

in system-web-session cookies


Cookie Life Time: 3600

Cookie Path: /

Cookie Domain :

Use HTTP Only : No

Cookie Restriction Mode: Yes


but nothing worked.......

tried clearing magento cache as well as browser cache (which is quite difficult for most of my customers to do as they often simply don't have the knowledge on how to do these things in their browsers) but still no result.


I had to clear magento cache again after switching it off again and had to fill out a false name in the log in form, then click log in, then fill out the right name again to be able to log in again.


This is something i really can't ask from all of my customers to do, so i hope there is a logical solution for this to make it work as it should.


I really hope someone can help me with this, and all help is much appreciated ;-)


Re: Can't log in on frontend with cookie restriction enabled

I created a clone on a sub domain and enabled the cookie restriction again, couldn’t log in.
This time clearing my browser cache worked and after that I was able to log in again.
As written before, most of my customers simply don’t know how to clear cache and are afraid they’ll lose data and/or passwords and such, so how can I fix this remaining problem?

And then there’s the notification all the way down at the bottom of all pages instead of appearing as a pop up window so every can see it, because it is very easily overlooked when it’s at the bottom.

Still hoping someone can help me (by posting a possible solution in this topic) to fix this ;-)

Many thanks in advance.