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Config Page Blank After Compilation

Config Page Blank After Compilation

Hi All,


My configuration page goes blank after I run the compilation and enable it.

So far I've tried:


 - Turning each community module off then running the compilation and reloading the config page.

 - Set <disable_local_modules> to true - recompiled and reloaded config.


Both of the above did not work at all.


Any one got any ideas or had a similar problem?

I'm running




Re: Config Page Blank After Compilation

If you have shell access then run below command:


php shell/compiler.php disable


Otherwise comment out the two define function calls in includes/config.php path



And check index.php in your magento root directory and comment out the following line if uncommented:


* Compilation includes configuration file
/**#$compilerConfig = ‘includes/config.php';
#if (file_exists($compilerConfig)) {
include $compilerConfig;
#} */

Hope it helps you Smiley Happy


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